Girls Rock! Brisbane (GR!BNE) empowers girls from 10-17 years old through a week-long mentorship program that encourages creativity, self-expression and teamwork through music. GR!BNE aims to provide a safe environment for girls to express their creativity, take pride in their accomplishments and learn not to apologise for making some noise.

We Believe…

  • …in the power of music as a means to create personal and social change;
  • …that creative voices of girls and women need to be amplified to create positive approaches to fighting sexism;
  • …that girls need positive role models and support for their creative endeavours;
  • …in creating a community where girls support each other rather than tear each other down;
  • …in empowering girls to recognise, understand, and respond to discrimination;
  • …in the appropriate sharing of resources, cooperation, and collaboration;
  • “Girls Rock” is more than just a slogan.

GR!BNE provides a variety of different musicians and mentors as role models, and a curriculum that is a broad introduction to the world of music. In the space of five days, participants will form their own band, learn an instrument, watch live music performances, participate in creative workshops and write an original song to be performed at our end of the week showcase.

GR!BNE depends on the hard work, advice, and support of many individual volunteers, donors and business sponsors. Volunteers are essential to both the existence and the spirit of our camps.

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All photos courtesy of Mia Mala McDonald

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